Create the life you want to live. Alleviate stress, anxiety and overwhelm through integrative and experiential techniques to discover wholeness. Apply 50 CEUs or 50 hours toward your yoga certification.

Follow Your Curiosity

Breathing for Equilibrium

Balance your Nervous System reducing perceived stress and experience life with greater ease and joy.

Establish a Daily Meditation Practice

Re-wire your brain and carve new pathways to move forward.

Adi Amar Yoga

Develop a Strong Foundation through Asana

Build strength and flexibility, cleansing your physical, mental and emotional body.

"This very special course takes a huge expanse of yogic teachings and makes them accessible and relevant for the current moment. It is a course that really helped me put the pieces together and understand how the wisdom of yoga is all encompassing and something that both makes sense and lends lightness to my life. I've been a student at Teton Yoga Shala for several years and can also say Adi and Audrey are able to deliver this digital content beautifully and with the same level of immediacy as if we were in the studio together. They are both such rare and wonderful teachers and I feel very lucky to have them by my side on my journey. I would absolutely recommend this course."

Hannah Saunders
Graphic Designer/RYT 200

Physiology of the Self

Balancing science and traditional wisdom to lead you through an inner adventure to awaken parts of your being that you have always known, but your mind has simply forgotten.

Follow Your Curiosity

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